Daljit Chandra

Customer Service Engineer, Bell Helicopter

Daljit joined Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. as Customer Service Engineer in October of 2011 to provide Technical Support to the fleet of 85 various models presently flying in Indian Skies; namely Bell 412, 407, 430, 429, 212, 206, & 230. These are operated by close to 45 various organizations including Public Sectors, State Governments & Private operators.

Before Joining Bell, Daljit was working as Engineering Manager of largest private helicopter operator in India Global Vectra Helicorp Limited which at that time had a fleet of 25 Helicopters mainly comprising of Bell 412’s. Worked here for 11 years.

Daljit has previously worked in Summit Aviation Private Limited and Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

He has a DGCA India & FAA License with over 22 years of Helicopter Maintenance.