TIPL IT provides secure and state-of-the-art IT Solutions catering to the IT needs of Global Businesses of Textron Inc.

Adopting a customer focused approach, TIPL IT works in close collaboration with its various internal clients and partner concerns to proactively deliver seamless and meticulously engineered digital solutions.

Since its inception, TIPL IT has been at the forefront of several important and enterprise wide IT initiatives. While TIPL IT prides in its core strength and expertise on major business solution platforms like SAP, Enovia, Salesforce, Catia, Oracle, it is also well equipped and refreshed to serve the day’s emerging IT needs, ranging from mobile platforms to social analytics, IoT, machine learning and e-commerce technologies. Building expertise and competencies across a wide variety of technologies has always been one of the team’s major driving forces and it endeavors constantly to improve customer experiences and deliver beyond expectations.

TIPL IT operates in sync with priorities and vision of Textron Global IT team which is founded on four basic principles - namely, ‘succeed with people, live secure, operate with excellence and grow our business.

At TIPL IT, we believe in succeeding with people; meaning, having a strategic plan to acquire and grow technical talent and future leaders via university relations, rotation programs, leadership development programs and robust succession planning. We house and build a rich talent pool, varying from early career professionals to experts, constantly growing in their personal and professional capabilities.

Information Security is a key to the Textron Enterprise and to support that, TIPL IT works relentlessly to develop nimble yet resilient Cyber Security Operations that detect, protect and negate all emerging threats and malicious activities.

We strive to continuously contribute to company’s net profit by prudent management of budgetary allocations and promotion of sustainable growth - all while achieving best-in-class, bench-marked end user satisfaction scores.

We bring innovative thinking and approaches based on end user requirements, to help our business deliver sustainable outcomes to drive effectiveness today and prepare for tomorrow.