One Bell. On a Mission.

About Bell

Bell is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical-lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell's global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries.

Bell opened a liaison office in India in 1995 and has been providing customer support to customers in the region with dedicated Customer Service Engineers and one Customer Service Facility; additionally more than 130 Bell engineers work on various programs in Bangalore. Bell also has a sales office in New Delhi. In 2013, Bell contracted with Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. in Bangalore for cabin detail parts fabrication. Dynamatic has delivered over 18,000 components to date. And, in 2014, Bell contracted with Dynamatic for cabin sub-assemblies and Dynamatic has delivered 51 assemblies to Bell Mexico for 407 cabin assemblies.

With the incorporation of the latest technologies, Bell products are setting the pace in the industry around the world.

Bell commercial product platforms and capability: Bell 407GXP, Bell 412EPI, Bell 429, Bell 505 and Bell 525

Bell’s innovative product line can serve in a variety of mission sets including search and rescue, medical transport, corporate transport, utility and military operations.

  • Regional connectivity: Building regional connectivity with the Bell product line and helicopter operations.
  • Corporate and VIP operators – particularly for the 429 and 412 platforms
  • HEMS: The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service operations (HEMS) represents a growing need and our aircraft will play an important role.

The Bell 429 for medial transport, with its 204 cubic foot main and aft cabin gives unobstructed full body access to the patient. It’s the only light twin-engine helicopter on the market that offers true two-litter capability with enough room for two medical attendants plus two flight crew members. Its innovative deck height enables one person to load a litter without straining, and the 60 inch wide side-loading opening makes loading and unloading easier.

The Bell 412EP aircraft for VIP transportation is one of the most reliable and versatile helicopters and it continues to attract customers worldwide. The upgraded Bell 412EPI offers advanced features and technology that perform any given mission in extreme environments with ease and superior performance.

The Bell 412 is a multi-mission capable aircraft and the upgraded EPI offers an advanced flight deck and glass cockpit designed to improve pilot situational awareness and enhance safety. The Bell 412EP remains the most rugged and reliable medium helicopter.

The Bell 407GXP has an additional 50 pounds of payload, with a new Rolls-Royce M250 engine that boosts power and fuel efficiency, creating class leading high hot performance.

The New Bell 505 is designed to offer greater safety, performance and utility. The aircraft features the Garmin G1000H fully-integrated glass flight deck for greater situational awareness. For the first time Bell Helicopter is teaming up with Turbomeca, one of the world’s leading rotorcraft engine companies, to provide the ARRIUS 2R engine. The cabin is fitted with large doors for easy loading of passengers and cargo and features a fully flat floor to offer maximum configurability. 

The Bell 525 Relentless (in development), featuring the ARC Horizon flight deck system, provides unparalleled crew situational awareness through the use of a fully integrated avionics flight deck coupled with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system, resulting in enhanced safety levels and mission capabilities.

Service Network and Support

Bell has maintained a solid presence in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years, with an installed fleet of more than 1,000 helicopters serving multiple mission segments. Bell has been ranked #1 in customer support for 22 consecutive years by Professional Pilot magazine. There is steady expansion in customer service offerings with 11 customer service engineers currently located in-region to serve the customer base, as well as 14 customer service facilities that support the regional customers.

Given the diversity throughout the region, there is a strong commitment towards investments for Bell’s aftermarket support offerings and products to meet the growing needs of customers.