Textron Systems businesses develop and integrate products, services and support for customer missions including defense, homeland security, aerospace and infrastructure protection. Learn about Textron Systems’ capabilities below.

Textron Systems highly values its relationship with the Indian Air Force and intends to remain fully committed to the future goals of the Indian military. We aim to expand capabilities in the region and enhance our relationship with the India Government.

Autonomy and Control Systems

Our control systems maintain continuous, reliable command and control of systems along the spectrum of autonomy, while delivering real-time data to users across the larger network. Scalable and modular, Textron Systems’ Universal Ground Control Station, Synturian™ and iCommand™ systems package this architecture into hardware configurations best suited to the customer’s operations.

Aircraft Propulsion

Lycoming Engines is the leader in general aviation piston engines. As a premier aviation engine company, we are recognized for our products, innovation and customer service. With a proud heritage as a foundation, Lycoming is focused on creating innovative products such as the iE2 and Thunderbolt engines that’s trusted by general aviators worldwide.

Land, Sea and Air Vehicles

Textron Systems has been designing, manufacturing, operating and supporting some of the world’s most reliable and trusted multi-mission unmanned aircraft since the 1980s including our proven Aerosonde® and Shadow unmanned aircraft systems. Today, our systems have more than one million hours of flight in some of the world’s most austere environments, bringing our military, civil and commercial customers a decisive advantage.

Our wide range of innovative, versatile, multi-mission marine craft supports customers around the world. From the Ship-to-Shore Connector to the Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV), we leverage innovative design techniques and the latest technological advancements to deliver proven capabilities for the most austere environments and demanding missions.

Rigorously tested and proven in the toughest environments, our COMMANDO® land vehicles offer a range of protection, unmatched on-road and off-road mobility, survivability, lethality, versatility, reliability and sustainability for the unique multi-mission capabilities our customers require.

Test, Training and Simulation

Textron Systems provides advanced training aids, confidence testers and support to those who imagine, manipulate and exploit the electromagnetic spectrum. We are a technology leader in Electronic Warfare/Radio Frequency simulation, through our proven systems such as A2PATS.

TRU Simulation + Training’s industry-leading training devices, programs and support meet the advanced flight training needs of both civil and defense industry customers. 

With over 44,000 training flight hours and 20 years of experience, Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) has pioneered much of what is now standard in the growing tactical airborne training services industry. ATAC provides tactical flight training and adversary aggressor services for U.S. Navy, Marine and Air Force pilots, and is the only organization certified to train the Navy’s TOPGUN program.

Operations and Logistics Support

Textron Systems has decades of experience keeping assets operational and personnel expertly trained working side-by-side with our customers on the front line. Providing whatever is needed, whenever it is needed, Textron Systems ensures the highest asset availability and system readiness for our customers to assure mission readiness and safety. Our employees are stationed around the globe, living and working with their customers. They can be deployed in as little as 24 hours, no matter the location, to serve as experts in the maintenance and operation of complex equipment, as well as military logistics.

Weapons Systems

Our company’s advanced smart weapon systems meet the critical needs of military and government customers world-wide. Our combat-proven smart weapon solutions bring precision and accuracy to the battlefield while reducing risks to military personnel and civilians and minimizing collateral damage.

Textron Systems’ innovative Cased Telescoped weapons and ammunition significantly reduce the warfighter’s burden, while maintaining the same trusted performance of current systems.

Imagery and Data Analysis

Textron Systems is an industry-leading developer and integrator of advanced geospatial exploitation tools. We have provided products and support for 25 years across a broad spectrum of industries. Our analytical, visualization and data management technologies provide user-focused interfaces, optimized workflows and precise positioning. LIDAR Analyst and Feature Analyst take imagery analysis one step further with a suite of products that can work alongside the classic RemoteView offering.

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