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Textron Systems businesses develop and integrate products, services and support for customer missions including defense, homeland security, aerospace, and infrastructure protection.  The Textron Systems segment is organized into the following businesses; Unmanned Systems, Marine and Land Systems, Electronic Systems, Advanced Information Solutions, Geospatial Solutions, TRU Simulation + Training, Weapon & Sensor Systems, Support Solutions, Lycoming Engines and Textron Airborne Solutions.

Textron Systems highly values its relationship with the Indian Air Force and intends to remain fully committed to the future goals of the Indian military. We aim to expand capabilities in the region and enhance our relationship with the India Government.

Fury and G-CLAW

Textron Systems produces the Fury and G-CLAW, precision guided weapon systems, which are based off of our long lineage of weapons and platform development expertise with the U.S. government.

The new Fury lightweight precision guided glide weapon is the ideal weapon for enhancing the tactical unmanned aircraft system mission. The weapon system is designed for carriage on platforms ranging from small unmanned aircraft systems to light attack aircraft. In addition, Textron Systems has enhanced its CLAW blast-fragmented unitary area munitions with guidance capability to create the G-CLAW for innovative delivery of precision effects against land and sea targets. It can be adapted to changing mission requirements at minimum development cost. G-CLAW can be integrated onto an array of aircraft including class IV unmanned aircraft systems or light attack aircraft, such as Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft® AT-6 and Textron AirLand’s Scorpion, from standard rack dispensers.

Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

and ground-based smart munitions systems: for decades, Textron Systems has provided seismic, acoustic, imaging and communications networking expertise, along with lethal and non-lethal munitions to solve difficult surveillance problems for a wide range of military and civilian customers. Textron Systems’ MicroObserver UGS are designed for deployment in a variety of tactical, law enforcement and perimeter security applications. MicroObserver UGS delivers long mission life, a streamlined user experience and reliable performance.

Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS):

Based on experience and advanced multi-mission capability, Textron Systems believes that the Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS) is the ideal platform for any tactical UAS need. Shadow is the only TUAS in the world to have achieved one million flight hours. Building upon this unmatched record of success, today’s Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B V2) is an all-digital, modern system featuring increased endurance and payload capacity over previous versions, as well as an expanded data pipeline for greater information assurance and real-time dissemination. It is utilized by the U.S. military for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, battle damage assessment, target designation, communications relay and most recently, for manned/unmanned teaming with Apache helicopters.

Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS):

In addition, Textron Systems also offers a smaller, expeditionary UAS, the Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS). The Aerosonde SUAS offers proven multi-mission performance in both military and commercial, land and sea-based applications. With more than 150,000 flight hours of experience, the Aerosonde SUAS incorporates Lycoming’s EL-005 engine – making it the only system in its class with a propulsion system from a manned aviation engine expert. The Aerosonde aircraft is equipped for real-time, full-motion video and communications relay within a single flight, and offers space and power to integrate additional capabilities based on customer requirements. In addition, the Aerosonde SUAS is designed with a small footprint for efficient expeditionary as well as maritime operations without ship alterations.

Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS):

Built on a flexible crew station architecture, the UGCS can be configured and housed based on customer requirements, supporting a wide variety of assets and operations. Its modular software is easily programmable for new aircraft, payloads and data links based on customer preference. UGCS is supported by Textron Systems’ remote family of products, which are combat proven and customizable. Textron Systems’ remote products offer a modular, service-oriented architecture (SOA) extensible to multiple hardware configurations. Tailored to customer requirements, many combinations of antenna, radio, display and software are available, while drop-in applications such as geospatial tools and databases can be integrated for additional capability and utility as needed.

Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV):

Textron Systems has also created a robust maritime command-and-control architecture with eight years of development and hundreds of hours significant of on-water experience. Textron Systems’ Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) is the system of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense’s first USV program of record. Whether in mine sweeping and neutralization role; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); harbor security; monitoring or protection, Textron Systems’ fourth-generation CUSV is a mature, multi-mission and multi-payload capable vehicle with significant in-water experience.

SHADOW and FURY are registered in the U.S.

Cessna and Caravan are registered trademarks of Textron Innovations Inc., used by permission. Beechcraft is a registered trademarks of Beechcraft Corporation. Scorpion is a registered trademark of Textron Inc.